Magnolia Bouquet- Fall Plaid

Boston Life and Style Blogger, The Northern Magnolia, shares her favorite fall plaid

1. Plaid Blazer  |  2. Plaid Pumps  |  3. Plaid Button-Down  |  4. Plaid PJs  |  5. Plaid Trench-Inspired Coat  |  6. Plaid Wool Skirt  |  7. Plaid Fold-Over Clutch  |  8. Plaid Tie-Neck Shirt  |  9. Plaid Scarf  |  10. Plaid Silk Dress  |  11. Plaid Weather-Proof Boots  |  12. Buffalo Check Coat

Plaid seems to by my favorite color in October. I'm ashamed to admit that if you peered into my closet right now you would be bombarded by an assemblage of checked pattern button-downs and dresses. I guess I'm a fall predictability but I really love how dressing for autumn helps me embrace and savor the season before Boston's not as friendly winter.

So you can imagine I was pretty excited when constructing this roundup. I wanted to start with this blazer because, well, wow. I've had my eye on it for a few weeks and hope to make it mine this season. I've been wanting a pair of plaid pumps for a few falls now and found this pair ON SALE! The tartan pattern is so classy. I already have way too many plaid button-downs but if I were to add another to my collection it would be this red and white plaid cotton shirt. It would look amazing on its own with a pair of jeans or under a down vest. Another one of my fall addictions is collecting plaid pjs. There's something about them that makes me feel so cozy and I absolutely LOVE this pair from J.CREW. The plaid pattern on this coat makes it absolutely beautiful and timeless! Plus at $150 it has a great price point for a good quality coat! The combination of the plaid and ruffles on this wool skirt is absolutely stunning!! And I also had to show you this plaid fold-over clutch! It has such a great price! I love this tie-neck shirt since it's something different than your traditional plaid button-down. A plaid scarf is the perfect finishing touch to just about any fall outfit and you can't do much better than this one for $22! And this dress is a bit of an investment piece but it is just so perfect from its white collar and cuffs to flowy ruffle hem. Since winter is definitely no joke up here in Boston, I always make sure to have a couple of really good pairs of insulated winter boots and how cute is the red plaid on this pair?!?! And last, but definitely not least, how amazing is this wool-blend buffalo check coat?! It's so perfect for those chilly days ahead.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through this plaid finds! You can be directed to the shopping page for each item either in the image above or through the links! I hope you have a wonderful fall week!


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