Magnolia Bouquet- Fall Blazers

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1. Classic Wool Navy Blazer (ON SALE)  |  2. Textured Blazer  |  3. Brown Plaid Blazer  |  4. Draped Lapel Blazer  |  5. Classic Camel Blazer  |  6. Longline Blazer  |  7. Velvet Trim Blazer  |  8. Brown Blazer  |  9. Olive Military Blazer

I love how New England doesn't play games with its changes in seasons and find it amazing that year to year it truly begins to feel like fall right after Labor Day. One of the reasons I wanted to move to New England was to really be able to experience four seasons, and so far, this beautiful part of the country has not let us down. I love now waking up to a brisk morning and relying on my latte to warm me up just a bit. This is my favorite time of year and I intend to consume every minute possible.

I hope you don't get too overwhelmed with all the blazers I might show you this season, but blazers are absolutely the perfect layering piece in the fall. I love being able to throw them over a simple outfit of jeans and a tee shirt as well as over some of my dresses to make them more acceptable for the cooler temperatures. In this Bouquet I've rounded up nine of some of my favorite blazers found online! If I found a genie and a lamp these would all be mine! I hope you enjoy browsing them and have the most wonderful day and week!


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