Magnolia Bouquet- Color Crush (Port)!

Boston Life and Style Blogger, The Northern Magnolia, is sharing her favorite merchandise in Pantone Fall 2017 color, Tawny Port.

1. Bell Sleeve Top  |  2. Lace Top  |  3. Ballet Slipper Pump  |  4. Twist Tee  |  5. Ruffled-Sleeve Cardigan  |  6. Leather Tote  |  7. Floral Loafer Mule  |  8. Twill Moto Jeans

I am starting a new theme that will appear every now and then in Monday's Magnolia Bouquet. The theme is "Color Crush" and I will be picking one of my favorite hues from Pantone's Color Palette each season and showing you some of my favorite merchandise in that color. The debut color this week is Tawny Port. Pantone describes this color as "Taking the Red family to new depths" and as "elegant, sophisticated and tasteful".  I totally have to agree. It is an absolutely stunning color and I can't wait to wear it this season. I hope you guys enjoy browsing some of my favorite port picks and have a very great week!


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