It's All In a Smile- My Experience with Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening + ~*GIVEAWAY*~

A confident smile cannot be easily imitated. That's why I've always made it a point to take care of my smile since smiling is something that must be genuine when I'm greeting a patient or behind the camera lens in my style photography. To keep my smile white amidst my red wine and dark chocolate vices, I have tried numerous teeth whitening techniques ranging from kits you find on drug store shelves to Zoom (an in-office whitening process) all with varying results. But now I would like to share my experience with my most recent whitening effort, Smile Brilliant.

I had seen amazing results shared by other bloggers, and I was beyond thrilled when I was approached by the company to try it myself. It had been a while since I whitened since I was avoiding the process when breastfeeding; so my teeth were in desperate need of a little shine. Smile Brilliant is a contemporary method of professional teeth whitening where you are sent molding clay to make your own teeth impressions and the impressions are sent in so your own custom molds can be created. This is by far a superior method to just laying a sticky strip across your upper and lower teeth. Your molds allow for the whitening formulation to properly cover the entirety of your teeth, allowing for a more brilliant result.

So here is actually how my whitening experience went down. I received the whitening kit to get started, which  consisted of three sets of catalyst material ( a catalyst paste along with a base paste) as well as a tray for your upper teeth and a tray for your lower teeth. To make your upper impression you simply mix the catalyst and base paste together until it's a solid blue, place it in the tray then press your teeth in firm enough so some of the putty flows over the gum line. Then your impression is ready in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Then you repeat the process for the lower impression. Smile Brilliant sends you an instruction guide complete with pictures so you can ensure you are doing your impressions correctly plus you have another set of impression material in case you mess up. After completing my impressions I popped my upper and lower impressions in a pre-paid envelope and my custom whitening trays arrived to me in just a few days. Super impressive right?!

I started my whitening process the day I received my whitening trays. Over the first few days I noticed an immediate effect, but then the whitening result began to plateau after the fourth day. I also noticed that my upper tray didn't seem to fit as tightly as the lower. So I called Smile Brilliant to ask if this was typical and they were so fantastic; they explained that it was not typical and within a couple of days I had another kit so I could remake my impressions. The molds I received the second time fit much more snug, and my teeth once again began to get shades and shades whiter with continued use. I whitened every day to every two days (with few exceptions) for two hours at a time followed by desensitizing gel application for twenty minutes until I reached my desired white shade (which took about a month).

So my overall thoughts on Smile Brilliant- I think it's fantastic and my teeth were noticeably whiter. Although my personality in general would probably prefer the quick in-office dental procedure, Smile Brilliant was definitely more suitable for my current lifestyle since I don't have time to fit a dental procedure into my daytime schedule. I could whiten with Smile Brilliant in the comfort of my home after Bennett went to bed while I was unwinding with a little blogging or Netflix. An added bonus is that I had extremely painful sensitivity after my Zoom whitening procedure a few years ago and, although I experienced very mild sensitivity as can be expected with any whitening process, it was nowhere near the pain from Zoom, which literally had me crying in bed the night after I received the treatment. I can also express with certainty that the results I obtained were 100 times better than the results from any over-the-counter whitening strips I have tried.

So to wrap it, I am so delighted I was introduced to Smile Brilliant. I anticipate the results remaining for some time, but now that I have my custom trays, I can always order more whitening and desensitizing gel if I think I need a touch-up. So I can continue to sip on my Malbec without fret and my smile can remain vivid and impressionable. So I highly recommend you give it a try! You will love your results!

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