Toddler Easter Basket

Toddler Easter Basket Southwestern

Bennett will be getting his first Easter basket this year. Somehow the Easter Bunny forgot to drop by last year, which may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I was a completely disorganized spaz still trying to navigate my first few months of motherhood. To make up for last year's lack of a basket I had to ask the Easter Bunny to make this year's really special. I wanted to share Bennett's Easter basket with you in case you need some ideas for your toddler's basket! 

Toddler Easter Basket Southwestern

Toddler Easter Basket Southwestern

Toddler Easter Basket Southwestern

I found Bennett's Easter Basket at Target and thought it was a little serendipitous that I stumbled upon it since it has a southwestern style (In case you missed it, I recently redecorated Bennett's room in a southwest design, and you can see that post here!). I added moss to the bottom of the basket, then I started to fill it with knickknacks I knew Bennett would love!

The stuffed bunny you see is one of those cute battery operated furry toys that hops and squeaks.  There's a kiosk that sells them at the mall, and every time we're there I would pull the stroller up to the puppy and kitty versions on display and Bennett would let out the most insanely amazing laugh. So I thought it was about time he had a squeaky animal of his own. 

Bennett loves turning pages of board books, so he's getting "My Bunny Loves Me"- a story about the adventures of a bunny and his very best friend! And his absolute favorite time of day is bath time, so of course he had to have a few bath toys in his basket! This  waterproof bath book will allow him to turn pages in the bathtub (how perfect!), and he's also getting this bath toy which makes engine and puppy sounds when it comes in contact with water! 

The cute little bunny ears in the basket are from Pottery Barn Kids! Ok, so those may have been more for mommy than Bennett. I just couldn't resist getting them for some adorable Easter pictures! I couldn't locate the exact ears we purchased online, but these ears from Gap are also adorable!

The Easter Bunny will also be bringing Bennett S'mores Macarons. I didn't want to overload the basket with candy, but I did want to include a little something sweet. I thought the S'more flavor was so fun and fit into the southwest theme (you know.. cowboys... campfires). Maybe it's a little stretch, but I know my little boy will love them! He's also getting this harmonica for when he and his dad eventually put together their acoustic/folk band as well as these bubbles made from non-toxic soap because bubbles are awesome. Both the harmonica and bubbles are from Land of Nod.

Brian and I are so excited to give Bennett this basket on Easter Sunday. Everything we picked out came from our hearts and are things we know he will truly love. Do you guys have any other fun Easter Basket ideas? I would love to know for next year!

Have a great weekend!!


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