Magnolia Bouquet- New Dress Arrivals Under $50!

1. Nautical Stripe Dress  //  2. Eyelet Midi Dress  //  3. Off-Shoulder Shirtdress  //  4. Sleeveless Chambray Shirtdress  //  5. Racerback Shift Dress  //  6. Floral Off-Shoulder Dress  //  7. Linen Fit & Flare Dress  //  8. Stripe Shirtdress  //  9. Off-Shoulder Shift Dress

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday! I hope you all had the best Holiday weekend with your families! This Easter weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned for the Sopp family. I ended up with a nasty case of tonsillitis that just did not want to go away. Plans were changed as Brian had to take over brunch cooking duties so my germy hands and airborne droplets didn't infect anyone's food. But of course he ended up doing an amazing job so besides running a slight fever throughout the weekend and not being able to cuddle with Bennett most of the day as planned, I'm still so grateful Brian wasn't inundated with a bunch of work and my little family was able to spend some quality time together.

To the people of Boston, today is Race and Patriot's Day! I can't wait to take Bennett down to Beacon Street to cheer on the marathoners, meet some more locals and enjoy a beer (if my cold is gone) on what's supposed to be a beautiful day! It is truly one of my favorite days of the year in Boston; when you're amid the crowd cheering on the athletes, the enthusiasm and vitality is contagious.  Watching the race last year it was hard to believe that this community endured such a horrific tragedy just a few years ago.  It reminded me that there truly is so much kindness in the world and so much good.

Today's Magnolia Bouquet was inspired by the big fat check I had to write to the IRS as all these new dress arrivals are under $50! There will absolutely have to be very budget-friendly purchases in my future for a while! I hope you guys enjoy these pretty selections and have yourselves the most amazing week!


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