Mother's Day Wish List

1.  Wide Brim White Straw Hat  //  2. Leather iPhone 7 Wallet  //  3. Floral Crop Pajamas  //  4. Hardside Carry On  (ON SALE!)  //  5. Classic Whistling Tea Kettle  (ON SALE!)  //  6. Collection of Teas  //  7. Tassel Earrings  //  8. Afloat Print  //  9. Wicker Crossbody Bag

Happy Monday Friends!! I put together my Mother's Day Wish List for Brian you all in hopes to inspire some of your Mother's Day gifting! On my wonderful, perfect, utopian Mother's Day I would have chocolate chip pancakes in bed and receive each and every one of these gifts :) Of course I'm kidding- except for the chocolate chip pancakes- I would never joke about that :)

I saw this white hat at Banana Republic the other day and fell in love. I can picture pairing it with just about all of my spring and summer dresses. A cute pair of pajamas is also a wonderful Mother's Day gift idea! The crop pants and floral print make them perfect for spring and summer slumbers! I was looking through my bag the other day and realized I have not gotten a new wallet in close to 5 years! Crazy! I love this one since it can fit my iPhone and has plenty of room for cards and other essentials. I'm also in need of new carry on luggage and think that would be a wonderful gift for the mom who does some traveling. I found this gorgeous number on sale for 62% off! A classic whistling tea kettle is also on my wish list. I've been trying to trade in the glass of red for a cup of chamomile to wind down at night. I love the fresh white color of the one above and how adorable would it be to gift it with a comprehensive collection of teas!? I think the cuteness of these tassel earrings speaks for itself, and I would love them to have a place in my jewelry collection! I'm also still in need of a print to go over our bed, and I have my eyes set on this beauty available on It was taken in a harbor in Maine so I love that it has a New England quality, and boats in a harbor have always felt so tranquil to me. And finally, it's all about the straw and wicker bags this season, and I'm so OK with that! In my eyes, these bags are timeless, and I would love to add this beautiful crossbow bag to my wardrobe!

Hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day shopping and find a little inspiration in this post! Have an amazing week!


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