Southwestern Toddler Room

When I told Brian I wanted to redecorate and transition Bennett's room to a toddler room, jet pilots could have seen his eyes roll. After all it felt like we had just furnished and decorated a nursery... twice.  Once when I was pregnant for the short time we lived on Cape Cod and then again when we moved into our home in Boston. But now that Bennett is walking and exploring his surroundings so curiously, I felt that he deserved a space that could provide a peaceful sanctuary for my adventurer to throw up his spurs as well as spark and cultivate creativity.

After explaining this all to Brian, cooking some of his favorite dinners and unrelentingly showing him Pinterest ideas he got on board all while sending me telepathic signals that I better do it cheap. Well, I did and here's how...

The inspiration for Bennett's southwestern themed toddler room arose from this Target area rug. We have had this rug in his nursery for well over a year and it has been the ultimate perfect rug. It's easy to clean, doesn't shed and the design and colors are so fun and whimsical. If you do want to invest in a new rug, this rug is an amazing value! Although the rug is described as having a a contemporary tribal pattern, I thought it would work really well with southwestern d├ęcor. Unfortunately, having a clumsy toddler and a pup who remains apathetic to the cleanliness of my flooring and linens (see the aloof little fluff ball above?), we have cycled through more rugs than anyone should, and I really appreciate a good rug when I find one. 

Bennett's tent is from The Land of Nod and you need to check out the company if you're unfamiliar with the brand. They carry the most playful, almost Seussian toys, linens and kid furniture. We got Bennett his teepee for Valentine's Day so we had it before the redecorating, but of course I had to move it into his southwestern room-ranch. Target's Pillow Fort line also has teepees at a lower price point here. The adorable mint and white polka dot rug and the two pillows in front of the teepee are all from Target. If you looked inside, you would see twinkle lights at the top as well as some books and stuffed animals. I wanted Bennett's teepee to be a reading nook. A little fort of his own where he can be by himself and dream. 

Bennett's dresser has lived in his nursery since I was pregnant, and I absolutely treasure this piece of furniture. I love everything about it from the muted green color, gold trim detailing and it's stately appearance. I know there are probably other dressers that would be better suited for a southwestern design, but I really love mixing different styles when I decorate my home so I think this dresser's traditional design works great in the space. 

The lamp on top of Bennett's dresser is new and from Target's Pillow Fort collection. It's a touch lamp so Bennett gets a kick out of turning it on and off when I hold him up to it. And also it has an AMAZING price! I put few cactus succulents on top of the dresser as well as some vintage books being held by arrow bookends.


Bennett's adorable plush animal rocker was a gift from his godmother (aka my sister). We used to hold him on it as he rocked back and forth laughing hysterically, but now he's big enough to throw a leg over and get on himself. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Pottery Barn Kids plush animal rockers are available in a variety of animals so you can pick your preference. They look beautiful in toddler rooms as well as nurseries, and Bennett has so much fun riding his bear! 

Bennett's main gallery wall hangs above his crib. I love to include a mix of art prints and decorative sculptures. The Buffalo and "Seek Adventure" prints are both from Target and come framed! The gold diamond and white cactus are both from Target as well! The black metallic arrow is from Etsy and only $12! I always like to include one original print in my galleries and this time it is this feather painting. It's a watercolor I purchased from Minted, and I think it is just beautiful. I love the idea of something in Bennett's collection being hand painted.  

There's a second smaller gallery wall on the wall next to Bennett's teepee. It showcases a couple cowboy hats and small prints. The straw hat is actually mine, and I'm sure I'll be borrowing it back this summer. I purchased the black felt hat from Amazon for under $8.00! I had the "Wish Upon a Star" print in Bennett's nursery and purchased the cactus print from Etsy

I changed Bennett's crib sheet from a muted sheet to this fun organic cloud print sheet from The Land of Nod. It's amazing how switching to this large print sheet with a lot of contrast really made his white crib pop. The geometric throw blanket over the side of the crib is another Etsy purchase and the back is fleece to keep a baby nice and snuggly.

I hope you guys enjoyed Bennett's toddler room tour! I am listing where you can purchase everything below! Happy Decorating!

Catalina 3-in-1 Convertible Crib (ON SALE!)  //  Mohave Area Rug (ON SALE!)  //  The Land of Nod Teepee (ON SALE!) (less expensive Pillowfort version here)  //  Polka Dot Accent Rug for Tent  //  Black and White Teepee Pillow (ON SALE!)  //   Green Teepee Pillow (ON SALE!)  //  Dresser  //  Gold Touch Lamp (Under $30!)  //  Artificial Mini Succulents  //  Arrow Bookends  //  Plush Animal Rocker  //  Framed Watercolor Buffalo Print (ON SALE!)  //  Framed "Seek Adventure" Art  //  Diamond Wall Sculpture  //  Cactus Wall Sculpture (ON SALE!)  //  Metallic Arrow  //  Feather Painting  //  White Wood Folding Bookshelf  //  Marble Floating Bookshelf  //  Black Felt Cowboy Hat  //  Wish Upon a Star Print  //  Potted Cactus Print  //  Organic Cloud Sheet  //  Geometric Throw Blanket  //  Oval Antique Trimmed Mirror


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