The Makeup of Two Entrepreneurs- Chapter 2

Makeup Hypoallergenic Entrepreneurs

Hey Everyone! I hope your yesterdays were comprised of flowing wine, chocolatey decadence and love from your better-halves, friends and family. Valentine's Day in the Sopp household was low-key and kind of perfect. Brian made an amazing steak dinner, set up Bennett's Valentine Teepee (I can't wait to show you pictures) and we winded things down with some princessy Disney entertainment.

I want to welcome you to Chapter 2 of "The Makeup of Two Entrepreneurs". I'm so delighted to continue this series and update you on where we are and how far things have come in the past few weeks. It is frustrating to have to tell you that we're not too much further from where we left off in Chapter 1, mainly because we're still in manufacturing limbo. I'll tell you, as somebody that makes it her bounden duty to cross things off her to do list, sometimes it feels like starting this business is like trying to cross the Atlantic in a rowboat. (Side Note: Upon further research apparently Ocean rowing is an actual thing and my manufacturing entrepreneurial woes are not even close to crossing a vast, tempestuous ocean in an almost-dinghy.)  It has come down to us presently trying to convince a company to manufacture our first product at a lower (affordable) volume because we are "good people". Ha. Please stay tuned to hear how that goes. Once we pick a manufacturer the turnaround for our first run is going to be fairly quick so we're still on schedule, but I will feel so much better when we lock into our dream manufacturer. We need a Manumatchmaker.

We have been gaining momentum in the legal side of our business. Erin and my Operating Agreement is being finalized so our LLC can officially be filed next week! When you file an LLC, most states require two addresses- (1) the address of your business and (2) the address of your Registered Agent.  We have decided to go with UPS to host our business address. Although a mailbox at UPS is more expensive than a PO Box at USPS, we have found that there are a good number of amenities that justify the extra cost. To name a few, UPS accepts packages for you from any shipping company, you get a real street and suite address instead of a PO Box number and, since our business will be shipping out our makeup by UPS, it's going to be much easier to lug a 15 month old (and hopefully a whole bunch of makeup order fulfillments) to just one place. 

Another address you need to provide in nearly all states when registering your corporation is the address of your company's "Registered Agent". Your Registered Agent has to be registered in the same state you're incorporating your business entity and it's basically an address where lawsuits can be sent to you. When starting a business the absolute last thing you want to think about is being sued. However we live in a litigous society and you can actually lose a suit by default if you weren't able to properly be served or if documentation isn't returned in a timely manner. So basically in nearly all states, it is mandated by the Secretary of State for a business to have a physical street address to accept legal documents on behalf of your business (so it can't be a PO box or UPS address). Since we are launching our business online we will be appointing a corporate agency to do this on our behalf. However, even if we had a boutique on Newbury Street in Boston or M Street in Georgetown, it probably wouldn't be the best idea to use your actual business address because you probably wouldn't want customers and employees to ever witness you being served paperwork or subpoenaed.  

Our website is really coming along, and I have loved watching it transform into my and Erin's style by incorporating our color palate, images and font choices. Designing the website was easy and fun (that's what happens when you've been thinking about a project for 2 years) but actually figuring out the coding to get your layout and design just right is a whole 'nother story. If you're opting for a self-hosted Wordpress option for your business website (and tackling it yourself), I highly recommend purchasing a template and not just using one of the complementary Wordpress templates. There are some great free Wordpress template options out there, but you'll have to rely on a forum for making adjustments and fine-tuning your site with small customizations (unless you hire a web designer but doing it yourself was kind of the point). When you purchase your template from a site like you have the opportunity to purchase one that comes with customer support. The template we chose came with 6 months of customer support, and I have been taking full advantage of that service. When the coders answer my questions I gain a greater understanding of CSS and the way Wordpress functions. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I will update you guys again soon on any new progress. I hope you have an amazing day!


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