Gifts for New Moms or Moms with Rugrats

1. S'well Water Bottle  //  2. Assortment of Teas  //  3. Refreshing Body Mist  //  4. Monogrammed Pendant Necklace  //  5. Gorgeous Yoga Mat  //  6. Hydrating, De-puffing Eye Mask  //  7. Luxurious Bubble Bath  //  8. Silky Pajamas  //  9. Dry Shampoo  //  10. Tote Bag  //  11. Chic Flats

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our hearts were filled celebrating Bennett's First Birthday on Saturday! We had such an amazing time and Bennett was so happy! His birthday party turned out even better than I ever could have thought, but now I'm exhausted!

I love this Gift Guide since it represents stuff that made me happy and my life as a new mom a little easier over the past year. It's so important for breastfeeding mamas to stay hydrated and how better to do so than with a stylish water bottle. This assortment of teas is such a cute gift idea since moms could certainly use a little boost at the beginning of the day and a little unwind at the end. I love spraying a subtle body mist on in the morning after my shower. It's easy for new moms to find themselves in a little bit of a rut from fatigue and just not feeling like themselves and this mist would help add a little bit of feel-good and freshness. I've featured this monogrammed pendant necklace in so many posts but I truly think it makes such an amazing gift for any mom. I wear my "B" necklace practically every day. Whether a mom is working on their post-pregnancy fitness or just trying to destress, this yoga mat would someone seriously happy to workout. It looks like a work of art. These eye masks are fantastic for de-puffing eyes after minimal sleep while this bubble bath is perfect for mommy "me" time after a day of getting hair pulled and changing diapers. And after a bubble bath wouldn't it be nice for the mom you're gifting to slip into these luxurious p.j.s?!  When Bennett is really young there were times when I literally couldn't remember the last time I had washed my hair and dry shampoo was a "hair"saver. This one by Dry Bar is amazing and would make a great gift for any new mom. A nice tote bag would also make a great gift! I love the color of this tote since it would match with anything and love that it's large enough to throw in a few diapers and toys. I've pretty much retired all but a few of my high heels for the time being since I am always carrying Bennett, so a chic pair of flats would make such a cute gift idea!

I hope you guys enjoy this week's Gift Guide!  You can be directed directly to the items on the retailers' websites by clicking on the images or links above. I've also listed the other Gift Guides I've featured for the Holidays below! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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