Holiday Gift Guide- For the Guy who Loves the Classics

A Holiday Gift Guide for the guy in your life who loves the classics.

1. Clubmaster Sunglasses  //  2. Waterproof Boots  //  3. Italian Leather Briefcase  //  4. Half-Zip Sweater //  5. Square Flask  //  6. Hand-Crafted Wood Watch  //  7. Barbour Jacket  //  8. Beer & Food Pairings Cookbook  //  9. Whiskey Making Kit  //  10. Classic Flannel  //  11. Toiletry Bag  //  12. Down Vest

Hey Everyone!!  I'm so excited to reveal my very first Holiday Gift Guide!  It's time to start thinking about what you're going to get all those special people in your life so you can take full advantage of upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!! I personally use this time to compose a list of what I plan to get Brian and other family members so on sales days I can just simply check to see if those items are marked down and then add them to my cart! I have found over the years that I'm much more satisfied with the gifts I give when I start planning NOW.

This first Guide is for the men in your life who don't really venture too far from a classic, timeless style. My husband is the classiest guy I know, so I used him as my muse, and I know opening any of these gifts would make his eyes light up! If you're not ready to pull the trigger on any item quite yet, then bookmark this page (and the other Gift Guides to follow) for easy reference when you're sipping a glass of wine on the couch taking advantage of Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping! (Remember many retailers start their sales at Midnight!)

So as an optometrist, of course I had to throw a pair of sunglasses on here (duh, UV protection) and these have an amazing timeless look. A classic pair of waterproof boots also makes a great gift and are perfect if your guy likes to spend time outdoors. I saw this leather briefcase when I was out shopping with Bennett last week and fell in love. Even though it's leather, it still has a casual everyday look for work and is a great size so guys can actually fit their stuff inside. My husband's Fall wardrobe is pretty much this shirt in all sorts of colors, so I know he wouldn't mind adding this one to his collection. I added this down vest to the list because they are so warm and look amazing over plaid button-downs! Brian also has always loved these half-zip sweaters. They look perfect over a collared button-down. As far as jacket's go, it's tough to get classier than this Barbour jacket. They are so warm, and I love the olive color of the one in this guide! And these wood watches are probably my favorite gift to give this year. They are so unique and individually hand-crafted. A gift like that is so special and endearing. I don't usually think cookbook when I think about gifts for Brian, but this one is from the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the world that exclusively pairs food with beer, so I know he would love it! And while we're on the subject of booze, since I know the home beer making kits were all the rage last year (even though my husband has yet to take his out and start our IPA business.. ha), how about this home whiskey making kit?! Pretty cool! And he can sip his very own whiskey out of this square flask! Also I got my husband this toiletry bag because I was sick of seeing his wasteful ziplocs every time we went out of town, and he now understands why it's nice to have a toiletry bag... ha!

I have received so many supportive messages about The Northern Magnolia recently, and I can't thank you guys enough! It's been so much fun to start this site, and I feel it has been giving me the motivation to learn and make so many new things as well as hone my own personal style. I really couldn't love any of this more, and I know I'm really going to enjoy curating some inspiration for you guys over the Holidays!

Have a wonderful week!


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