Bennett's 11 Month Update

Life with an 11 month old

Bennett is 11 months old, and I could not possibly love someone more. When Bennett was first born and I was about to take him home from the hospital, I was petrified. Yes I was nervous about our new baby-centric life and that I would run into circumstances when I had no idea what to do.  But I was mainly scared that Bennett and I didn't experience the bond that I had read happens when a mother first sees her new baby. It made me doubt how I would be as a mother, and I thought I was missing some maternal gene I always thought I had because I always knew I wanted children.  But even though it wasn't in the hospital, the bond between Bennett and I did form and became stronger and stronger every day we've been together and now I understand that exceptional connection all the books and people were talking about.  It just took us a little longer to get there.  

Life with an 11 month old

Life with an 11 month old

Now Bennett and I literally belly laugh together. We have inside jokes like when I go to the backseat to take him out of his carseat and before I do or say anything he just starts laughing because he took his socks off (EVERY - SINGLE -TIME). I'm not sure why my son is so opposed to socks, but I swear I get a new pack of socks every other week since Bennett has a daily habit of losing a sock or two.  

Life with an 11 month old

Even though Bennett's still not walking independently, he's really does some impressive acrobatics to cross a room by bracing onto all my furniture.  His favorite activity is playing catch.  I'm amazed by how much more coordinated he has become over the last month and how he can throw a ball straight ahead.

Life with an 11 month old

Bennett is now eating all food except for cow's milk.  I'm still breastfeeding him, and I'm really in no hurry to ween him. I know it's inevitable at some point that Bennett will come down with something, but he's been an extremely healthy baby these past 11 months and has never been sick, which I largely accredit to breastfeeding. 

Life with an 11 month old

Life with an 11 month old

Bennett still wakes up once or twice a night, so nothing has really changed there.  His morning nap has shortened to about an hour, which means I work like crazy to get as much work done in that hour as humanly possible. He usually goes down again in the afternoon for about half an hour.  My kid just doesn't like to sleep.  

Life with an 11 month old

Life with an 11 month old

We're still waiting for Bennett to say his first word, but he's really starting to exercise his vocal chords.   He makes the cutest little sounds as he's experimenting with how to use his voice. I'm ready to accept that his first word will probably be Chewy.

Life with an 11 month old

Life with an 11 month old

I'm so thankful that we have had such amazing weather, and we've been able to fill up days with some park time. Bennett loves playing in the leaves, and I wish we could just bask in this incredible Fall weather forever.

I also want to get serious for a moment and mention that as I type this post I am watching the turnout of this incredibly unsettling election. I pray that no matter who is elected, this nation is led with morality, with responsibility and with this little guy and the rest of our future in mind. Of course Bennett will not remember this election or the term of the elected, but these results will have such an impact on the future of this country and, therefore, on him.

But on a much more fun note..

Bennett is wearing this denim one piece and this vest.

And below you'll find the products we're currently using!  If you read Bennett's 10 month update you've seen most of these.  Not much has changes but we did get him this adorable classic car walker.  He looks so cute driving that thing across the floors of our apartment!

Eating / Drinking


Combi All-In-One Mobile Classic Car
Peppa Pig Books
Little Blue Truck Books
Baby Einstein Piano
VTECH Baby Phone
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Diaper Stuff

Honest Company Diapers
Honest Company Wipes (Honest Company diapers and wipes are seriously the best!)

Bath Time

4Moms Infant Tub
Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo
Fur Critter Bath Wrap


Lamb Crib Mobile
Cool Mist Humidifier

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  1. Bennett is a beautiful healthy baby boy. Thank you for sharing his growth progress and his adorableness. His sweet face makes me want to give him a big hug. Haha


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