Magnolia Bouquet

The best of the web is rounded up on this must-have list.

I was so happy to be able to be in New York last weekend and spend an amazing weekend with my family.  We were celebrating my niece's Baptism, and the ceremony was just so beautiful!  It fills my heart when Bennett gets to play with his cousins.  He has learned to give his stuffed animals kisses, and now when he sits next to his little cousin, Stella, he leans towards her and tries to give her kisses.  Unfortunately, he usually ends up just head butting her, but the sweet girl never seems to mind.  It is such a precious thing to witness!

I hope you enjoy this week's round-up! I usually post these collages on Tuesdays, but the trip to NY and effects of Hurricane Matthew changed this week's post schedule a bit.   Fall is absolutely inspiring when it comes to clothes, accessories and home decor.  (You can also see my last Fall Bouquet HERE).  I hope you all have a great week!   You can shop this week's Bouquet below!

Wool Flannel Blazer // Floppy Wool Hat // Floral Print // Throw Pillows // Black Leather Loafers // Side Table // Checkered Scarf // Classic White Button-Down // Chesapeake Bay Candle // Charm Necklace


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