Cocktails You Should Try This Fall

Fall Cocktails

The weekend is here!!  Oh.. Thank.. Goodness!! I don't know about you guys, but this week just seemed to drag. I had a lot of work to do that required me being glued to my laptop all week.  And of course assignments that should have taken an hour took 3 hours when trying to run after a 10 month old determined to pull down a guitar.. or eat dog pellets.  That said, Bennett and I didn't get out much, and when I get stir-crazy, time just sort of slows down.

I know I'll be welcoming the weekend with a tasty Fall cocktail.  In case you missed them, I rounded up my favorite Fall cocktails from this season, and you can find links to recipes in the slideshow below!  I hope you guys find one (or two or three) to enjoy.  I would love to hear your favorite!!

I'll be working Saturday and then closing the week with some continuing education on Sunday.  Fun stuff.  Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze a trip to the pumpkin patch in somewhere!  Have a great weekend friends! Don't you think Halloween should be deemed a national holiday (especially when it falls on a Monday)!?


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