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Office supplies to help motivate your work day

One of the best memories I have from my childhood is going on the big shopping trip for school supplies at the end of the summer.  Starting a new school year, I was always filled with a medley of emotions: nervousness, anxiety, doubt, but no matter my state of mind, my fear of starting a new school year could always be quelled by getting brand new school supples.  After that I was ready to conquer anything..

Even today, I love getting new office supplies.  My husband's trepidation when hearing I'm planning on going to Target is justified since it's a rarity that I can ever leave that store without some home decor or office supplies.  As silly as it sounds, working in an office space that is well appointed and attractively decorated as well as using fun, matching supplies makes me more productive and really enjoy whatever project I may be working on, whether optometry or blog related, just a little bit more.

I have always been able to rely on Target for chic but budget-friendly office supplies.  So, I rounded out some of my favorite merchandise they have in stock that will definitely pretty up an office  (because who says that you still have to be a kid to enjoy "Back to School" shopping!)  All products are linked for you below:

1.  Post it Notes & Flag Set- I've never seen post it notes look so pretty!  I often use sticky flags to mark lab orders and prescription dosages for quick reference.

2.  Tape Dispenser- A simple white is the perfect hue for desk accessories since I prefer all my desk accessories that are displayed to match and blend with the rest of my office decor.

3.  To Do List-  I know it sounds old-fashioned and, yes, I do have an i-Phone, but I prefer hand writing my to do lists and crossing things off.  It's something about the list always being there in front of me that helps me get things done.

4.  Scissors-  As I mentioned, I like white desk accessories, and I love that these match with this tape dispenser.

5.  Floral Pens-  Aren't these adorable?  I'm pretty picky about the fluidity of pens.  These write so finely, and they're insanely cheap!

6.  Notebook-  This marble motif journal is gorgeous.  I always carry a notebook around with me so I never forget to write down an idea or inspiration.

7.  Magazine Holder-  Because all my old In Style's and Southern Living's have to go somewhere!

8.  Storage Box-  I love the blush color of this storage box!  I use mine to store extra printer paper, envelopes and other paper goods.

9.  Tabletop File-  This tabletop file is easy on the eyes and will definitely keep you organized,

10.  Desktop Organizer-  I love the shape of this desktop organizer as well as the gold color.  It's perfect for holding scissors, writing utensils, you name it.

11.  Stapler-  Because you need a white stapler to go with your white tape dispenser and white scissors, right?

12.  Push Pins-  Gold and simple.  They're the perfect complement to the corkboard in this collage.

13.  Frenchie Tape Dispenser-  Yes, I know I already linked a tape dispenser, but this French one is too cute to resist.

14.  Day Planner- I still prefer a traditional day planner to an electronic device and have spent a good amount of money on others I have liked in the past, but this blush one from the Sugar Paper collection is beautiful and at a great price point!

15.  Corkboard-  This would be perfect for reminders, mood boards or to hang anything you need for inspiration and it's under $15!

16.  Letter Tray-  I love how this would look on a desktop and that it matches this magazine holder.

15.  Pencil Cup-  I love the gold color and hammered detail of this pencil cup.  It would make a great statement on any desk!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little curation and enjoy decking out your office spaces!  Have a wonderful day!


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