Our 5 Favorite Summer Beers

There are few things better in the summertime than a cold refreshing beer.  My husband and I agree to disagree about a number of things (e.g. the Andy Griffith show he's making me watch as I type this post).  However, when it comes to beer, he and I sail the same sailboat. .

We both like the hoppiness of IPAs and have both recently got on the trend of IPLs.  When I was in college (before the craft beer movement took off) I pretty much only drank Bud Light or PBR if I was at the 40 Watt (if you went to UGA, you get me).  Now if I taste beer brewed by one of the "mega-companies",  I just think it tastes like gross diluted beer.

I asked my husband to collaborate with me in sharing our Top 5 Favorite "Summer Beers."  As a warning, these are not summer ales and still have a good amount of bite.  But they are on the lighter side of the hoppy beer we generally drink.  Any one of these would be perfect to enjoy while relaxing on the porch or tailgating for NCAA Football (T-minus 20 days)!!

1.  Hoponius Union IPL by Jack's Abby-  Brewed right here in Massachusetts, this Indian Pale Lager combines the yeast fermentation process used in a lager with the hoppiness of an IPA.  It has a citrusy aroma and a crisp, clean finish.  

2.  Whale's Tale Pale Ale by Cisco Brewers-  Another Massachusetts beer made in beautiful Nantucket, this English-style Pale Ale has fruity hops that are not too in your face.  

3.  Summer of Lager by Cisco Brewers:  Another one by Cisco, but a Bohemian-style Pilsner.  It's not a style of beer we usually drink, but this seasonal is bright, citrusy and perfect for summer.

4.  Tangier by Southern Tier Brewing Company: Ironically this beer is brewed in the very southwest corner of New York near the Pennsylvania border.  This Session IPA combines citrusy tangerine with spicy hops.

5.  Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point:  Brewed in San Diego, this IPA seriously tastes like summer.  The grapefruit notes are not shy, and it makes this smooth ale taste absolutely wonderful.

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