A Review of Arbonne's Intensive Renewal Serum

A few months ago I began to invest in Arbonne skin care products after hearing from a number of friends how devoted they are to the line..
I began with the Cellular Renewal Mask and was really impressed with the immediate results after one use.  You can read my experience with the Cellular Renewal Mask in this post.  After the mask got my attention, I purchased the Intensive Renewal Serum.  I wanted to make sure I used the product for an appropriate length of time so I could accurately share my true results with you. Therefore, I have been faithfully using the product twice a day every day for about 2 months.  And once again, I am super impressed with Arbonne and the effectiveness of yet another product!

Since beginning to use the Intensive Renewal Serum, the appearance of my skin has noticeably improved.  My skin looks firmer and some of the smile lines that I scrutinize in the mirror do appear to be shallower and less noticeable.  I apply the serum on a clean face, or if it is one of my twice a week mask days, immediately after I wash off my Renewal Mask.  I love applying the serum after removing the mask because I really feel like the product is penetrating into my skin.  Immediately after application, my face feels extremely moisturized and smooth with an overall improvement in tone.  

The Intensive Renewal Serum is part of Arbonne's RE9 Advanced collection which promotes anti-aging using a combination of clinically proven chemical compounds and botanicals.   The collection consists of a multi-step system, including a cleanser, toner, eye cream, day and night creams and the Cellular Renewal Mask.  I do eventually want to invest in the rest of the collection, but I'm currently still cleansing and moisturizing with Aveeno, and my current combination of products is working really well for my skin.  I actually don't wear foundation anymore; I just apply some under-eye concealer because of those late nights and early rises with Bennett.

I know all products can have different results on different types of skin, and I can only speak from my own experience, but I think very highly of the Intensive Renewal Serum and am so happy it is now a part of my skin care routine.  Once again, I am linking this product on my Arbonne Consultant, Emily's, website because she is truly so knowledge about all Arbonne products.  She is always able to answer any question I have regarding products without hesitation.  You can find the serum HERE and a full catalog of other Arbonne products HERE.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


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