Bennett's 6 Month Update

Six Months.  Half a Year.  No matter how I say it, I choke up because my baby is growing up!  And he's getting harder and harder to photograph.  He is the most active little boy, refusing to ever be still.  By the end of the day I'm pretty wiped and my glass of wine tastes so good...

Although he's not crawling quite yet, he is so extremely close; so whenever he's on the floor rolling around, I have my camera in video mode like a nutcase.

I'm also really starting to feel the limitations of the size of our apartment compared to our previous home.  Although we live in a decent sized apartment, Bennett can roll his way across a room in a blink.  I then have to pick him up and put him back where he started.  This probably happens 500 times a day.

He can't sit up on his own yet, which still makes getting any sort of work done during the day near impossible.  He still loves his Evenflo ExerSaucer Jungle Quest Jumper , which buys me about 20 minutes of Bennett being entertained before he is ready to move on to the next great thing.  He's also really into his Baby Einstein Musical Toy.  He just figured out how to press the buttons and this proud mommy, true to form, was spinning him around telling him he's amazing for like an hour.  He just looked at me bewildered.  One other toy he's obsessed with is his Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon.  It hangs from his carseat, and he literally laughs from his belly every time the cord is pulled and it makes noise.  It really entertains him when we're in the car; I can't recommend this toy enough. Moms, I would love any other toy recommendations you have for a 6-month-old!  I'm trying to avoid  toys taking over our living room; so I'm hoping to get a few quality recommendations!

Everything is going well on the solid food front!  He has liked everything he has tried so far.  It took a little encouragement to get him to agree to avocado and peas, but adding a little bit of coconut oil did the trick.  He loves the taste of raw coconut oil, and it has so many health benefits!  As I mentioned in his 5 month update, I'm still in love with his OXO Sprout High Chair.  Although I continue to have trouble keeping his high chair straps clean; does anyone have any suggestions?  I can never seem to get all the food bits out and the straps often end up in his mouth.  It's gross. I've bought a "natural" baby-friendly, all-purpose cleaner but it's not very powerful and I'm convinced it's just grapefruit and water.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@nicolemariesopp), you've probably heard about our new jogging stroller more than a few times.  It's the Thule Urban Glide Stroller and it is phenomenal!  It was one of the more affordable jogging strollers with good reviews we could find (I was literally shocked by how much jogging strollers cost).  It has great performance when you're running, and I think it's a very sleek looking stroller.

I really want to thank any new readers for stopping by and for readers who are continuing to return.  It means so much to me, and I'm forever grateful for your support!  Hope you have an amazing day!

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  1. Stephanie PsaltisJune 9, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    James always loved the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack and the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball. All can be found on Amazon!

    For a good cleaner I've always found the Babyganics All-Purpose Surface wipes to be a good choice! Unfortunately, we had the same issue with our high chair the straps are really hard to get clean.


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