5 Amazing Super Affordable Summer Rosés

Now that summer is here, Rosé is usually my wine of choice.  Dry or sweet, there is nothing better than pairing a chilled glass with some fruit and enjoying a late afternoon on the porch while Bennett is napping, baby monitor and book in hand..

So.. Want to hear a few fun facts about Rosé wine?

  • It is a blush pink color because it incorporates some of the color of the grape skins (but not as much as red wine).  
  • The longer the skins remain in contact with the juice, the deeper the color. 
  • It is made from a wide variety of grapes from around the world.  
  • It is one of the most primitive types of wine because the more modern winemaking techniques needed to make the deeper red wines we are familiar with today did not exist.

I rounded up my favorite Rosés that are all under $20 (most of them WAY under)!  Despite the reasonable price point, all of these are so incredibly good! I really hope you guys enjoy my selections!!  Have a fabulous weekend!

1.  2015 Bieler Père et Fils Rosé-  $11.99 -  It has a perfect elegant blend of fruit, herbal and acidic notes.  Every sip evokes strawberry and lavender.  It is a classic Provence Rosé.

2.  2015 Charles & Charles Rosé $12.99- It pairs aromas of cherry, blood orange and raspberry with an intricate balance of fruit, mineral and herb and has bright acidity.

3.  2015 La Ferme Julien Rosé $5.99- Trader Joes for the win!  You can't beat this price for a deliciously balanced bottle of wine.  It is fruity and floral and very slightly dry. 
4.  La Vieille Ferme Rosé $9.99-  Beautiful freshness and so well-balanced!  Fruit, flowers and citrus essence blended into a wine that tastes much more expensive than it is.

5.  Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Rosé $16.99- I haven't met a Francis Ford Coppola wine I didn't like.  This Rosé is fruity, flowery and delicious!

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