Lavender Essential Oil

Life with a baby is never dull.  Just when you think you have the whole parenting thing figured out, a different stage or milestone presents itself and once again you are navigating something new..
Sleep has been eluding us once more as Bennett is waking up frequently throughout the night, which means he has either turned into a ravenous piggy or has started teething.  Hearing my struggles of first time motherhood, a friend of mine, who is a new mother herself, recently introduced me to essential oils.  She is a "Lemon Dropper," a member of the Young Living Essential Oils team (how cute is that!). She recommended I start with lavender since I needed help with stress and sleep issues and, wow, was she right!

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids from a number of aromatic plants, trees and flowers. Since I had planned to use the oils on Bennett, I wanted to make sure the oils were pure and contained no impurities that would irritate his delicate skin.  Young Living Essential Oils contain no synthetics or enhancements of any kind.  They have a "seed to seal guarantee" by which they monitor the production process from planting and cultivation to bottling. 

What was most surprising to me was all the uses for essential oils.  The oils can be used aromatically, topically and even ingested!  I have been using my lavender oil in a number of ways, but my fast and easy way to use it to destress is to inhale it directly from the dropper bottle when Bennett is crying in his crib after being put down for a nap (our pediatrician recommended we start Ferberization).  Of course I had to make the lavender lemonade recipe that my friend sent to me in my cute introductory pack.  It was so refreshing and incredibly calming.  To make the lemonade I combined the juice of 7 lemons and 2 limes with 1 1/2 cups of agave syrup and 1 drop of lavender essential oil.  Then you add the mixture to 14 cups of water.  I served mine with ice. 

I have been using my oil topically on both myself and Bennett.  I put one drop of my lavender oil in a couple tablespoons of a "carrier oil" (I chose to use sunflower oil) and apply it to my wrists in the evenings to help unwind after a long day.

I also have been rubbing a little on Bennett's feet before bedtime to help him settle down.  (You just have to make sure to put socks on a baby after applying so the oil doesn't end up in their mouth.)  I have also applied the oil mixture along Bennett's jawline since he has been teething.  

 I am honestly overjoyed that essential oils are now a part of my daily routine.  I am absolutely hooked and can't wait to try some other oils. If you're wanting to give essential oils a try, Young Living offers a number of kits to help you get started! You can find more information online at Based on my experience, I would recommend signing up through Meagan Melissa.  She is so incredibly knowledgable and passionate about the oils!

Hope you all have an amazing day!!


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