Bennett's 5 Month Update

Bennett turned 5 months old last week!..
I have to admit I did get a little bored with everyone telling me how fast time goes with your baby, or that "the days are long, but the years are short."  It was exceptionally irksome to hear this when nights of uninterrupted sleep were replaced by naps of 2 or 3 hours at a time. But, oh my goodness, was everybody right.  I can't believe it has been 5 whole months since Bennett entered this world, and I just want time to stand still.

A part of my Mother's Day was spent at a local coffee house sipping a latte and enjoying some reading.  I felt really guilty about leaving Bennett for a few hours on our first Mother's Day, but the recharge really was amazing.  As I was sitting there I started thinking that I have never felt more proud of myself and what I have accomplished over the last few months.  Caring for a baby for the first time all day without family around for support or a reprieve has tested me more than any other challenge I have faced in my life.  And although I know there will be challenges ahead, I now feel comfortable in my new role as a mom.  And 4 months ago, I was skeptical I would get there.

Bennett's curiosity and little boy behaviors are really starting to emerge and it is so amazing to witness.  He is starting to reach for things that are generally not good ideas like my hair or Chewbacca's tail.  He has also learned how to screech when denied something he shouldn't have or when we're not feeding him his apples fast enough.

But on to the fun things!  We're really making headway with solid foods.  The first solid he tried after baby oatmeal was avocado, which he didn't love.  But he must have a sweet tooth because he loves carrots, apples and bananas.  We're introducing sweet potatoes this week, and I suspect he'll like those as well.  I also plan on trying to reintroduce avocados this week since they're so nutritious (and so easy for momma to prepare).

We finally got Bennett a highchair and I'm so happy with the one we purchased!  I registered for a different highchair from Buy Buy Baby that I received at my shower but then decided another chair would be better for us after doing a little more research.  I ended up falling in love with a highchair (fall in love with a highchair.. really.. what has happened to me) that has a really sleek design and blends a little better with my dining room. I was so overwhelmed when we went to Buy Buy Baby to set up our registry.  Standing amidst thousands of square feet of baby paraphernalia while surged full of hormones and not knowing what the hell you are doing and what the hell you need is not so much fun.  I ended up making hurried and impulsive decisions on a bunch of items, including the highchair.  So we ended up returning it and getting the OXO Sprout Chair.  I love it because the cushion is repellent to food and moisture and very easy to clean and I think it's a really attractive piece of furniture as far as highchairs go.  It comes in different combinations of cushion and base colors but I opted for gray on gray.

Bennett has started sleeping a little bit better.  There are nights he will sleep from 9:30 PM - 7:00 AM, although he occasionally still wakes up hungry at 4:00 AM.  I can't tell you guys how happy I am that we have made this progress.  It's really interesting to me that right when I'm at my breaking point with regard to sleep deprivation Bennett opts to sleep through the night.  He has outgrown his bassinet and is still sleeping next to me in his pack -'n- play.  I plan on transitioning him to his crib in the nursery when he's 6 months.

Hope you all have an amazing day! You can shop our highchair by clicking the image below.

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