Spring Pillow Talk

Being an obsessive compulsive avid organizer, one of my favorite "Holidays" is Spring Cleaning! That time of year when the weather starts to get a little warmer and I can purge my closet and declutter my home.  It really makes me so happy...

One other springtime affair I look forward to is changing my throw pillows.  When spring officially hits, I prefer to exchange my all neutral or deeper tones for the brighter, more airy colors of springtime on my couch and bed.

Prior to this year I wouldn't have thought to consider Target for much of my home decor, but have you checked out their home section recently??!!  Their pillows are AH-MAZING!! You walk into that section and it instantly makes you feel good with all the pops of color and whimsical designs.  The prices are also fantastic which makes my husband very happy.  He's also appreciative of the fact that I didn't drag him to Pottery Barn or Pier 1 as usual making him hang out for an hour while I indecisively arrange and rearrange throw pillows on their display couches like a maniac.

So I'm not an interior designer and admittedly don't know any decorating commandments, but I wanted to share how I choose my seasonal throw pillows.  First off, I start with a neutral couch.  I've always had cream or off-white colored couches because I've had to move so much and needed furniture that I could make work in any space.  I prefer neutral furniture so I can have more freedom with adding color or decorative elements to match my interior space or seasonal changes. Then I choose to go with either a 2-2-2 ratio or 2-2-1 pillow ratio.

No matter which ratio I choose, I prefer to treat the outermost pillows as an anchor and keep them neutral, close to the same color as my couch. But if you prefer color, any solid color would do just fine. But then you have to make sure to carry through or complement the color in the patterns of the inner pillows.  Another benefit to leaving the outer pillows neutral is that you can leave them stable in your pillow rotation to save some money.  I also like my outer neutral pillows to be slightly larger than my inner pillows.

I like my inner pillows to have some sort of pattern or design, especially in the springtime.  I choose colors that tie in with the rest of my living room.  The black in the middle set of pillows (see pics above) tie in with some black frames on a gallery wall adjacent to my couch and I chose the inner aquarius blue color to match a few adornments hanging in the room.  I love the airiness and softness of the blue color and it also seems very natural.  Choosing your favorite spring color for the middle set of pillows would be beautiful but you have to make sure to choose a complementing color for the 3rd set or it could look really busy.  To choose a complementing color just go across from the original color on your color wheel.

Since I have a neutral couch, I prefer to choose accent colors to be complementary.  You can also do an analogous color scheme (or colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel) but I think that works best if your couch is also one of your chosen colors and that color is carried through the rest of the room.  An analogous color scheme also works best if you stick to softer colors.  In my latest couch creation, both the middle and inner pillows have a linear pattern so I arranged the patterns in opposing directions to really make them pop.



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  1. Such helpful information. Now I need to go to Target and change our throw pillows! You have such a flair for design.....and motherhood, of course!


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