A Day at the Park

It was a beautiful weekend in Boston! The streets and parks of Brookline were filled with people (and their pups) soaking up the first few days of nice weather after a long New England winter...

There are so many parks in our part of town we've made it our goal to visit all of them.  This particular park visit was monumental because Bennett went on a swing for the first time!! He loved it so much, and it made me tear up to see my baby boy laughing so hard.  Sorry for all of the swing pictures I posted.  I just loved them all.

I headed out for our casual day in the park wearing my staple Gap distressed skinny jeans and Converse sneakers.  I would be lying if I said that these pieces didn't make up my outfit at some point over any weekend.  Even in my postpartum state, Gap jeans just continue to fit so well.  A few weeks ago I completely purged my wardrobe.  I donated or consigned 75% of all the clothes and shoes I owned with the goal to create a capsule wardrobe simplifying my closet and, truthfully, my life.  I decided that going forward I would only purchase pieces that were more timeless than trendy.  This Gap V-neck sweater definitely made the cut.  I love soft gray neutrals for spring, and this light cotton sweater is perfectly fitted.

Since babies shouldn't wear sunscreen until age 6 months, I have made sure to stock Bennett's wardrobe with plenty of hats to protect his eyes and skin on these sunny days.  I'm obsessed with this Baby Gap Fedora.  He looks like a little crooner.

Gap is currently having a 40% off sale with the code TREAT.  I'll probably be taking advantage of the sale and add to Bennett's wardrobe.  (I'm seriously a baby clothes addict).

Me:  Cotton Essential V-neck Sweater ~ Distressed Skinny Jeans ~ Converse Chuck Taylors ~ "B (for Bennett)" Pendant Necklace

Bennett: Bodysuit ~ Pants (sold out, similar) ~ Straw Fedora ~ Drool Bib

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


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