Snow Day

Spring definitely came in like a lion this year.  To my delight, the change of season greeted us with 4 inches of snow...

Since Bennett gave his daddy a new sled for Valentines Day we were hoping for one more snowfall so we could take it down a few hills.  I was also hoping to get some cute family photos with Bennett in his snow outfit since he was a newborn and too young to go outside the last time we had snow.

The storm ended by noon and temperatures quickly rose to the 40’s making it a slushy mess, but it didn’t stop us (including Chewbacca) from having a blast.  Brian was hilarious soaring down the hill alongside a bunch of 10 year olds.  We decided we were too old and called it quits when he crashed into a fence  (He was ok and it was ridiculously funny).


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